Passionate, Trendy, Nimble, & Dangerously Creative.  

messageNOW is a boutique marketing firm. We design cohesive strategic solutions and deploy wickedly engaging, results-driven marketing and PR tactics on the platforms where your prospects are right NOW. All while ensuring that we can pivot and adapt to the constant change.

Welcome to messageNOW.

It is our promise and commitment to you to always deliver unrivaled results, provide you with hyper-vigilant attention to detail and stellar one-on-one customer care. And instead of relying on stale, blah-blah methods of research, our insight is born of data and strategic opportunities, and a deeply nuanced understanding of technology, trends, and culture.

We are change makers: Geeks, artists, fashion mavens, and never-say-die strategist, and we live for tough challenges and building brand leaders who want to shake up the world!

We work with diverse and incredible clients: personal brands and influencers, small businesses, nonprofits and multinational enterprises. From NFL players to astronauts in space to personal development speakers, our clients are game changers.

messageNOW partners with We Unfuck, a full-service agency that accelerates businesses from launch to growth, and to exit. In addition to getting your message heard NOW, with We Unfuck we can service your business needs at any stage.

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Our Foundress and Creative Director

In 2016, Van Nguyen launched messageNOW to empower brands to reach their full potential by creating clear and effective messaging and getting the word out.

With over a decade of extensive experience in fashion, public relations, entertainment, dentistry, and health care, Van has the versatility and vision to deliver unrivaled results for a huge variety of clients. Knowing the ins and outs of multiple industries, she can solve problems like no other.

She’s a known trendsetter and has graced major publications like GQ, advertising campaigns, and runway shows for fashion icons.

Van’s keen eye for detail, creativity, and the ability to craft brand stories have landed her clients on major media platforms. With a high degree of empathy and intuition, she knows what attracts people now, and what they are going to love down the road.

Thanks to Van, countless individuals and businesses have increased their profits dramatically, enhanced their performance profoundly, and established a far stronger presence in the marketplace. Whatever their ambition or concern, people count on Van to give them the time and attention they deserve.

Van is proud to have worked with and helped flourish these amazing people and organizations:

All-4-One, the Twilight movie cast, Forest Whitaker, Ryan Seacrest and Manny Streetz from KIIS FM, The Kardashians, Disney kids, talented and beautiful host Maria Menounos, American Idol, amazing nonprofits like Every Monday Matters, Aces & Angels, It Gets Better Project, and Roxx Vodka in their battle against giant corporation Exxon Mobil, and many healthcare, dental, and entertainment businesses.