We serve up slices of fabulous that get you heard. And loved.

We believe it’s not enough to merely get you in front of the right audience. We want to get your customers so passionate about your products that they will camp out just to be one of the first to have them. And our process along with our service offerings ensure that you have all the right pieces.

Process driven results.

Most of the time, clients think we just wave a magic wand, and – poof – everything is ready to go. But the truth is that behind the curtain, a robust process is what really empowers messageNOW to create the magic results for you.

Like all great recipes, it starts with the right ingredients – in this case a thorough discovery and analysis phase. We map out what it is you are doing, and just as importantly, why. Then we clarify who your target customers are.

We stir these together to get the right branding and messaging solutions. That way, when they come to your website, or connect with you on social, it all just feels right. The sexy-but-not-too-sexy dress. The oh-so-sweet talk. And the heart that shines with sincerity and an inner glow. But remember: Whether it’s a first date or a social media campaign, if they don’t like the way things look, it ain’t happening on any level.

We know just how to catch their eye, lure them in for a closer look at what you’ve got, and make them swoon.

Swoon? Yes, that’s right. Sound complicated? Nope. Well, yeah, a little, but that’s why you’ve got us. We tell your story and help you connect deeply and meaningfully with your audience. For us, getting your message out NOW – creatively, consistently, and religiously – is as fun as life gets. You’ll see.

The following are more specific breakdowns of what we offer.   If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us, and it is likely we can help you within the umbrella of the agency.

Public Relations

Media Research & Planning & Buying
Media Pitching & News Releases & Kits
Ongoing Counsel & Management & Support
Crisis Management & Litigation Support
Influencer Engagement
Strategic Partnerships
Product Placement
Image Consulting & Trend Spotting
Reputation Establishment & Management
Brand, Competition, & Industry Monitoring


Social Media
Directory Listings
Multi-Channel Campaign Strategy & Execution
Ongoing Counsel & Management
Paid Media Planning
Monitor/ Feedback
Lead Generation & Outreach
Email Marketing