What is retargeting? When and why should it matter to you?

Wouldn’t it be great if consumers would willingly open their wallets just after one look at your product/service? The reality is…that is rarely the case. So what can be done? For years we have been bombarded with traditional media – tv, newspapers, billboards – the same brands whose ads are seen over and over again for one simple reason. The more often someone sees your brand, the more familiar it becomes. Familiarity is a powerful factor in your subconscious willingness to open your wallet.

With user engagement through the roof digitally on social media and mobile devices, a new opportunity has arisen called retargeting. Retargeting is an advanced form of paid advertising that works like other advertisements except it is triggered and revolves around a snippet of code that begins to track a user’s interest in your product/service(s). You can also target customers based on other factors, such as email. Let us look into these concepts further, by first looking at their application, and how they work.

There are different uses and goals for these two related options. The code tracking variant can be quite powerful in that you can tie your specific ads to the exact product/service(s) that the customer was interested in on your website. This is powerful because it’ll continue to appear online wherever they go, showing them the same or related product/service(s). Whereas the second option targets people with their contact information, such as email or phone number, instead of a tracking code. So rather than being able to show something they have viewed or had shown an interest in, you will need to use a more general advertisement that aims more to bring awareness of all of your product/service(s).

There are more solutions and platforms, than we can ever name, that offer retargeting services from web ads to social media retargeting. From Facebook and Twitter to AdRoll, Cnago, Triggit, Retarget, Perfect Audience, and much more. We suggest that you take the time look into several different options to consider the specific costs and benefits and how well it relates to your goals.

With retargeting, since the costs are on par with standard digital marketing, it is both accessible and a good option for most businesses – so long as the brand/company has a clear end point – i.e. a website or social media platform that the customers can be led to for the end goal of conversion.

The following are a few ideas for applications of retargeting:

– Raising awareness of your brand
– Raising awareness of specific product/service offering
– Show special promotions
– Get customers to come back and finish their purchase
– Get customers to engage with your brand directly or through social media

Drawbacks and considerations:

– It takes time and attention.
– While it is more cost effective, there are a lot of complexities.
– The ads can be more creative, and more fun, but tend to be limited to images and animated gifs engagement.
– Don’t overdo it. Too much can work against you
– Consider frequency caps around 15-22 per month.
– Have the tracking code terminate after a goal so you do not annoy a new customer once they pay.
– Segment audience by relevant factors.
– Remove poor performing segments/ geographies etcetera over time
– Regularly clean the list (90-500 days) so that you are not following people who have no interest.

With all these variables, we can see that retargeting is a great way to keep your prospects engaged. Like all effective marketing, less is always more. And while great marketing can appear simple on the surface, it was achieved through good thorough brand & marketing strategies that were translated into specific goals. And all of this needs to be done before you start creating content for your ads. So be proactive, and spend the time to set clear goals, campaigns, and match them to the right platforms. Be patient, monitor, and adjust as needed, and you will see just how powerful retargeting can be for you.

If you need help, or have questions about your digital marketing and retargeting, contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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